Shower Refinishing

Is your shower an eyesore, hard to clean or in need of repair? Maybe you are simply ready for a change. We can repair and refinish your tile or fiberglass shower right in place! Save money while having the new shower look and feel again.

We solve a variety of shower problems including:

  • Outdated color – pink a new one you love.

  • Cracked shower surround – We repair fiberglass showers making them new all over again.

  • Leaking shower pans –No need to rip out your shower pan, we can stop the leaks and make it look new.

  • Impossible to clean worn showers – Our refinishing process makes your surface like new and easy to clean.


This process begins with the removal of old caulking, chemically etching or sanding the tub or tile, and applying our sprayed on epoxy primer with acrylic enamel top coatings resulting in a smooth lustrous durable finish in just hours.


Odors from any process will typically dissipate after a few hours.